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Traditional marketing of a product or service can be okay, but why not make the selling point even more original with corporate entertainment in London from our team at Radical Reality?

With our help you can offer your potential customers a viewing experience that can take marketing to a new level. With our VR simulator, known as the EXTREME MACHINE, your potential customers can immerse themselves into an experience that perfectly fits your company’s profile.

The EXTREME MACHINE comes with multiple features than can improve immersion experience upon use. When in use you and your guests can enjoy a reality unknown to their everyday lives. Here are just a few of the things your guests can enjoy with our VR content;

  • Ride in the sky – City Hammer: With “City Hammer’ your guests can take part in a virtual ride that lifts you 50 meters above the ground; all the while surrounded by beautiful city landscape. Truly an adrenaline rush for the thrill seeker.
  • Xtreme rafting – XRIVER: In XRIVER your guests can find themselves moving down a harsh river with a rapid current. The key thing to remember is that they will be in control of their movements, giving them a real challenge to this extreme experience.
  • Off road racing – BMX Canyon: BMX Canyon offers another challenging experience for your guests to take part in. With an array of twists and turns to keep them focused, this specific content can really bring out their competitive side.

All of these experiences and more wouldn’t be complete without the latest technology. As part of our machine we have incorporated such features that can make your guests feel like they’re really there; including a wind effect, interactive platform, surround sound and more.

You can also have tailored branding to truly make the EXTREME MACHINE part of your company for the event. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and enquire about our virtual reality simulator today.