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Virtual reality companies are certainly thriving in this new age. At Radical Reality we greatly enjoy being a part of this exciting movement and are confident that with our own virtual reality simulator, this can be a highlight at your next event.

The EXTREME MACHINE we present to you here at Radical Reality is something that we believe brings the ultimate experience when it comes to VR entertainment. We have had the opportunity to bring our virtual reality simulator to many exciting events and give people the chance to experience something innovative within the industry.

We can tailor our VR experiences to suit the event and ensure that it is befitting of your aspirations regarding entertainment for the occasion.

Try your hands at wingsuit flying and feel the virtual breeze through your hair or travel back in time to meet some of the earliest, and largest, lizards ever to walk the animal kingdom.

Our simulator isn’t complete without it’s amazing features. From the targeted wind flow generation system to the surround sound and Oculus Rift VR headset, you and your guests can have the best setting for an immersive experience.

Perhaps you’re looking for an innovative way to attract guests to your exhibit and a marketing event? With our branding options, you can hire our EXTREME MACHINE and have a tailored look it to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a corporate or personal client, we can make sure you have the most suitable and fun experience with our EXTREME MACHINE.

No matter your aspirations, well listen to what your goals are and endeavour to make sure our machine makes for the ultimate entertainment piece for your event.

Don’t wait to contact us today and make your next event the ultimate one for lifelong memories.