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Immerse yourself in one of the most innovative virtual reality experiences in London with our EXTREME MACHINE from Radical Reality. As a leading provider of VR entertainment in the UK, you can rely on us for a thoroughly unique experience.

The EXTREME MACHINE offers a wide selection of the most innovative features VR hire has to offer. At Radical Reality we have been honoured to bring our machine to countless private and commercial VR events and are always eager to show off what we have available to our clients.

Whether it’s a wedding, VR product launch, team building event or other, you and your guests can enjoy a great selection of VR content and technology that is some of the latest in the industry.

What content is available?

Our VR content allows you to explore those activities that you may be too nervous to do in real life or simply never had the chance to. From riding a rollercoaster through the world of dinosaurs to extreme bungee jumping on the Great Canyon, you can take daring leaps into the unknown and feel like you’re really there with the help of the EXTREME MACHINE.

Features of the EXTREME MACHINE

Our VR simulator is more than just a headset. In fact, there are plenty of additional features that offer a more immersive experience to you. From an interactive platform to surround sound and more, you can really feel like you’re there with the help of our machine.

According to research, the consumer market for VR is expected to see a huge rise in VR software and hardware purchases across the globe; reaching numbers of over 10 billion pounds by the early 20s. So why not try out what the future has to offer by starting with our VR experience in London?

You can book our VR simulator via our website or contact us directly to find out more.