VR Rides and Games

Dinos Park

Amazing and adventurous journey. You will enter a world full of danger, in which there live unusual ancient reptiles, giant dinosaurs, and bloodthirsty monsters-predators. You will have to be brave and clever in order to remain a winner and overcome all the trials. At every step you are in danger, the ancient forest is fraught with many unexpected traps! This is a wild and ruthless world!

Air Storm

Amazing adventure on airplanes. Shooter. The world's first VR game about the real historical air battle! Full immersion! Realistic graphics! Real emotions and risk!

Unreal Fly in Mountain

Mountains, rivers, fields, and forests - all this you will see from a great height! You will have real wings and a real heavenly road! The wind will carry you forward - just manage to fly a flying machine and choose the right direction! Unreal fly-through-mountains experience! There is no such scale and space on the coasters!

Unreal Snow Slope

This time we are sending you to the mountains to test your downhill skier skills. You will feel all the steep turns and free flights in the frozen valley. Pure adrenaline! The Ski Jumping venue consists of the jumping ramp (in-run), take-off table, and a landing hill. Each jump is evaluated according to the distance traveled and the style performed. The distance score is related to the construction point (also known as the K-point), which is a line drawn in the landing area and serves as a "target" for the competitors to reach. The score of each judge evaluating the style can reach a maximum of 20 points.The jumping techniques has evolved over the years, from jumps with the parallel skis with both arms pointing forwards, to the "V-style", which is widely used today. Xtrematic-team created VR-solution that allows professionals and nonprofessionals to try themselves in this sport-adventures Virtual-Reality simulator!

Fortress Coaster

Do you want to visit a medieval castle? You will make the most incredible trip in your life in a truly medieval castle! You'll be soaring up and falling down, climbing the tops and going down into the dungeons! You will get into the Middle Ages, in which knights lived and the most exciting events took place in the history of mankind! A true Medieval 5D coaster is a real immersion into virtual reality! Rush through an ancient fortress on a huge speed! Twisted turns will scare you! But this will only make you feel like a time traveler! An unusual world will open before your eyes! And this world will be full of danger and adventure!

Desert Rally Race

We wanted to surprise you. We definitely will! Now you can feel your impact in virtual reality world! Explosions and crashes - that's where extremely is! A hot desert, sand under your feet, dust and sun blind your eyes! But you have ahead of this race on the car! You will experience real tension in the whole body, every muscle in your body will be strained. You have to bypass all rivals, overtake all cars and get to the finish line first! You will drive on a hot and dusty road at a crazy and very dangerous speed! But for you - the main goal! You need to win this race! So get in the car and start!

City Hammer

Attraction City Hammer is a virtual legendary "Booster". The one where you are lifted to a height of 50 meters from the ground and get untwisted at a speed of 9 revolutions per minute! What's happening? The pulse pounding like mad, you feel fear, horror, a powerful adrenaline rush into the blood and wild unbridled a burst of emotions! At a tremendous height and at a crazy speed, your chairs swing and from each movement just breathtaking! This is a unique scenario, which the Xtrematic team has created and analogues you will not find anywhere else in the world. Our extreme attraction allows you to experience the same emotions and impressions as in real life. The simulator's platform reacts to body position in space and makes it possible to control the game. Since user's body becomes a joystick his sensations while on the platform are much stronger and the difference between reality and virtual world is blurred. Fly over the city! The immersion is so deep that adrenaline simply goes off-scale!

Unreal Jump

It beats the world! High altitude. Crazy speed! You need to conquer the snow! This is an extreme sport! First you climb the unreal height! And then you need to fly along the icy road to properly accelerate and make the most extreme jump over the abyss - this is the most insane action to your life! But the good news is virtual reality! And you can take risks and overcome your fears again and again - again and again! Now you can feel all the emotions and adrenaline sensations of every ski jumper! Adrenaline flow and real emotions guaranteed!

Unreal Fly in Mountains v.2

Fly in Mountains is now interactive! Feel the freedom of flight and admire picturesque mountain hills and blue sky!The feeling of flying is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you! Do you want to experience? Then get ready! Great height and fast speed! You will fly above the ground and before your eyes, a kind of incredible beauty will open! You will be left alone with the air element and you will soar above the clouds! A strong wind will want to knock you out of the way, but you must be clever and overcome all the trials! You can control your flight and fly wherever you want! This is a real heavenly road - and it is full of adventures!


Apocalypse has come! You get into a gloomy world with an incredible atmosphere, around spaceships of alien invaders! You - participate in a cruel speed race, you feel the power of movements and calculate your way to the finish! Overpass Madness is an extreme race on futuristic cars on the overpasses of megacities of the future. You way consists of is a bridges and dangerous roads! You will have to drive at high speed off-road, there will be many obstacles around, there will be explosions of combustible mixtures and poisonous smoke around, space planes will hunt for you, you have to fight back!


Do you think jumping with a parachute is scary? How about a free flight with a wingsuit? Feel some really extreme and freedom in the sky with Hover Man! Rapa Nui, Pacific Ocean, cities, bridges - you want to fly above all this, like a bird? Then go ahead! The plane will lift you to a high altitude, and then you have to jump! But you will not fall! You will fly! And around you, there will be a kind that you just will not believe your eyes! You totally forget that you’re wearing VR goggles, and you really think you’re flying. Your heart will start to beat faster and faster! It will be the flight of your whole life!

The Box

It's a mad fun! Feel the geometrical dance and huge speed on the extreme attraction by trying the new type of coasters. It's hard to believe - you find yourself in a parallel and unreal world - a dimension in which there is neither time nor space - just an endless tunnel, through which you will go at great speed! Overcome obstacles and have time to notice the twists and turns! You need to get to the finish line - but it's not that easy! Feel some extraordinary emotions!

Scream Coaster

Roller coasters became true symbol of any attractions and theme parks in the world. Scream coaster will take you into the most twisted coasters on the planet!

Dino Rush

Amazing and adventurous journey. You will enter a world full of danger, in which there live unusual ancient reptiles, giant dinosaurs, and bloodthirsty monsters-predators. You will have to be brave and clever in order to remain a winner and overcome all the trials. At every step you are in danger, the ancient forest is fraught with many unexpected traps! This is a wild and ruthless world!


This time we are sending you to a motor racing track in picturesque mountains! Unbelievable emotions! Is your motorcycle your element? Do you like speed? Do you want to ride at a mad speed? Then this competition is for you! You are in for a real danger and a difficult road, and many rivals on the way! But you need to get to the finish line first! Feel the road, bypass obstacles, run a motorcycle on sharp corners! All as in real life!


BMX Canyon - is a speed race in the Grand canyon in Colorado: twists, turns and extreme curves are on your way to the finish! Xtrematic-film are developed with the aid of computers by highly qualified engineers, creative designers, and passionate bikers.As a hero, you always take centre stage. With VR-Attraction Extreme-Machine, we would like to provide you with the best possible technology in the pursuit of your favourite pastime. This doesn't just mean a bike-race that breaks new ground with unique solutions but also embodies a totally individual and innovative design. Great performances do not happen by chance. In the end, all we see is the race. BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing. The format of BMX was derived from motocross racing. BMX bicycle races are sprint races. Sprint for power!


Big Bungee Now not only birds can fly over the Great Canyon! You can enjoy extreme jumps and visit the great place called the 8th Miracle of the world. Mountains, waterfalls and breathtaking views around! It is here - in this amazing place you can make a really unusual action! Stepping down from the cliff! Jump into the abyss! And then jump again and again! It's great - to venture on such an adventure! Jump off the cliff is a real desire to experience real emotions! So do it with the help of Virtual-Reality! You will understand that you can do it! You will experience real feelings! Imagine how incredibly cool it is to jump from a rock without real risk to life, but also to experience emotions like sportsmen!

Crazy Pipe

You fall into the secret dimension in space! This is a real portal, which you need to go at a crazy speed! On this difficult path, unexpected turns and unpredictable obstacles await you! No time to think! It will be necessary to act here and now! You will fly with lightning speed in space! It is necessary to make decisions quickly and to follow the road! Exit into open space is a dream and the virtual reality is giving you this opportunity! The final countdown has started!


Do you want to experience real fear? You have to go through a terrible test! It will be necessary to kill the real bloodthirsty and dangerous monsters! This blood-chilling-game will give you control to run through the cemetery avoiding evil pumpkins or killing them! Become the best in "pumpkin-killing"! This real gloomy adventure can happen to you in a magical time when monsters appear on the streets of the city and wait for you on every corner! Eerie laughter, gloomy shadows, and chilling laughter! Oh, how terrible it is! But you need to overcome your fears and become a real warrior! And defeat all the horror monsters!

Buggy Race

Driving through the desert. And all this is possible thanks to Virtual-Reality! The extreme road is full of danger and steep turns! You need to feel the grip on the road and control the speed! Take the risk! This way will not be easy! Dust in the eyes, sand under the wheels, ahead of many rivals - you need to become a winner and get around all in this race!!! A 3-minutes ride on the monster-truck on a difficult track with obstacles will be the true challenge! Enjoy it!

Roller Speed

Speed, fresh wind, ups and downs - freefall guaranteed! WOW! Breathtaking! Abrupt bends, extreme descent from a great height! Exciting sensations! Just imagine - you are rushing with mad speed, as if falling, then take fly! Great height makes your nerves tremble and you feel adrenaline rush! But you have time to enjoy an incredible view and beauty around! It’s amazing and unbelievable extreme adventure!


Feel the freedom! Take only one step into the abyss! And let's fly! It's awesome and incredible! Just imagine! You soar at an incredible height and underneath you the land with its incredible and beautiful views - mountains, rivers, fields, forests! You are free as ever in life - the whole world lies in front of you and you are a break in the air element, catching the wind, fly above the clouds! We need to catch the wind! After all, strong wind gusts and unexpected obstacles on this road can prevent you! So you have to be dexterous in order to win! You will feel what is it - the real extreme! Extra-realistic virtual flying over a mountain valley with full control! Unbelievable beauties of the real places will be discovered by you during the flight!

Sand Wars

This is a space adventure! Forward! Armed with blasters, get on space flying machines and participate in a ruthless and honest race! You have to shoot at the enemy and conquer space expanses! This race is full of adventures and unexpected obstacles! You will definitely experience a lot of emotions and will definitely win! Flying over a rocky desert destroying your enemies to get to the finish first? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! But stay sharp: adrenaline shooting and twisted turns guaranteed!

Quadro Zone

Ride off-road and overcome obstacles that suddenly arise on the way! This is a real extreme and an adventure! The crazy race for the right to become a winner! Press on the accelerator for the weak! You will have to beat the professionals and become the best among the best! Want some active leisure? So do not miss the extreme race for the real off-road masters!

Dino Fly

In Virtual-Reality everything is possible! Do you want to be at the time of dinosaurs and see the world that existed more than 100 million years ago? Then go ahead! We offer an extreme and exciting adventure! Saddles the pterodactyl and go in fly ride hover over the ancient forest and enjoy the beautiful view from the top! But not everything is so simple - it's an ancient and dangerous world full of real bloodthirsty predators! Have to overcome obstacles and control the flying dinosaur! Try! Excitement, courage, dexterity - that's what you will feel and of course a lot of fun and pleasant impressions of the flight!


It's rafting time! Mountain rivers and waterfalls are a guaranteed adrenaline doze for the real extreme lovers!

Downhill Race

New, amazing, interactive, multiplayer ride for thrill-seekers! Now you can fully feel the presence and drive of the competition on this track! Downhill is a form of alpine skiing competition. Speeds of up to 130 km/h (81 mph) are common in international competition. Athletes must have an aerodynamically efficient tuck position to minimize drag and increase speed. You will fly on a snowy road at high speed! You will feel every muscle! You have to correctly calculate every move! You must control this road and win!